Mentorship Program

An extension of the vision for Camp Agape Hawaii is the Mentorship Program. After the camp weekend is finished, the Angels will be able to join this program to grow and help the community! They will be challenged physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as they learn entrepreneurial, business, and relational skills. Additionally, throughout the years that they are involved with the program, the children will be able to build a college fund and invest in their future. Pouring into these children will bring much life to their lives, their families’ lives, and the community of Hawaii.

Please pray as God prepares each one of us for all He will accomplish through this Mentorship Program.


With 60 ft. long troughs, the Aquaponics Systems will be utilized to grow thousands of lettuce and various vegetables. The trough is the most current and is the first of the projected four.


With a capacity to hold 500 lbs of meat, this Smokehouse was fabricated by Pastor Roy, Pastor Kai, and the male volunteers of Camp Agape. Once the meat is smoked, various avenues are available to funnel the product to the community.

The children will be mentored while learning to work with each other to marinate and smoke the meat!

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